Kava Labs partners with BNB48 Club to raise awareness of BNB within the DeFi ecosystem

Kava Labs announced a new collaboration with the BNB investors club: BNB48 Club.

The popular platform added in a press release that, according to this agreement, BNB48 will act as technical advisor for the Kava community and provide services such as professional product reviews, technical consulting services for Chinese Kava validators, staking for its home users and those of its lending platform.

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In turn, Kava Labs will work with BNB48 Club to raise awareness of DeFi opportunities with BNB and help BNB48 Club increase their community members‘ participation in DeFi. Kava Labs will delegate a BNB48 validator.

This is not your first collaboration
This is not the first collaboration between Kava Labs and BNB48 Club, as BNB48 Club is one of the first users of the Kava loan platform. After BNB48 Club obtained the mandate from its Board of Directors, it participated in the Kava CDP platform and the USDX00 instrument.

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Kava Labs added BNB as an additional asset to provide BNB holders with the highest returns. BNB holders can also participate with BNB on the Kava CDP platform and earn USDX, Kava’s stablecoin, as well as get additional currency bonuses on the protocol.

Meanwhile, both parties are working to establish a long-term future partnership to maximize the value of BNB’s ecosystems and increase the DeFi services available to the BNB ecosystem.

Benefits of this partnership

For BNB48, he will work with Kava Labs to build and maintain the BNB Staking and BNB DeFi communities. In addition, BNB holders will receive further guidance and suggestions on creating value for BNB.

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An educational system will be created to help more BNB holders to have a deep understanding of the risks of BNB staking and BNB DeFi staking. Regular online meetings will be held to provide the latest information to the community regarding the development of the BNB ecosystem. All comments and suggestions from community members will be collected and there will be discussions about the development of the BNB Ecosystem.

As for Kava Labs, BNB48 Club will be its ambassador in China to promote Kava DeFi to help popularize Kava’s credit products in the Chinese community. In addition, Kava Labs will make BNB48 Club one of the node service providers officially recommended by Kava blockchain to provide staking technology and consulting services.

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BNB48 Club will have an active role in managing the governance of the Kava network, for the improvements of its products, providing solutions and suggestions to ensure the quality of the Kava ecosystem.